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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for taking such great care of our dog Casey. Your facility is excellent and we are very happy with the service you provided while we were away. Thanks! Lisa & Roger White

  2. Five Stars is not enough. Karen is one of the sweetest ladies I have met. She took care of our 2 dogs like they were her own. Since we are from out of State and looking for a kennel to watch our dogs while spending the day at Darien Lake Amusement Park and a concert afterwards, it was great we found Comfort Kennel. Karen first took the time to speak with me on the phone to get to know me and my babies.

    Her flexible schedule schedule is amazing. I’m sure if you said you needed to drop your dog off at 3am, she would arrange for that to happen. Don’t worry, we dropped ours off at 8am.

    The entrance to the kennel was clean and fresh smelling.

    Whe picking up our babies, we could tell they were in good hands.

    We will definitely use Comfort Kennels again when we need a safe and comfortable place for our babies.

  3. Karen has been a Godsend to us for our little Angie! A suprise Christmas puppy and we both work FT, tried leaving her home once…. Nightmare. Karen gives us peace of mind that Angie is in good hands until she is old enough to leave home.

  4. Wonderful place to leave your furry friend. Our cat was fairly new to us, actually we call her a scaredy-cat because she will hide as long as we have company. Karen has rooms in her home for cats who don’t like barking dogs etc. When I picked her up she was relaxed and content. Comfort kennels will be my go to place whenever we travel. Thank you for her excellent care.

  5. I used your service in sept 2022 I am truly sorry it took me so long to send in my comments in. All i can say is if you are looking for a place to send you Furbabies while you are away…..LOOK NO FURTHER THIS IS THE PLACE!! I left my Lilly here after looking every where. My Lilly was an older dog and she had older dog needs. Karen treated her as if she was her own. I knew in my heart she was at the right place. I cried on my way out of the parking lot because i was relieved to know she was being loved while i was away. I have since lost my Lilly, but i have two others that i will be bringing to Karen in sept for our next trip.

  6. Thank you for taking care of our dog, Ada, for a few days! She seemed to really enjoy her stay and we look forward to boarding with you again in the future!

  7. We moved to Florida 4 yrs ago. Prior to that we used Comfort Kennel plenty of times. We miss Comfort Kennel so much!! The whole family felt at ease leaving our 2 dogs. Clean, reliable, tentative to our dogs, let them share a kennel, it was a great location and the list goes on. We miss Comfort Kennels!!!

  8. Thanks so much for taking such great care of our guys. Our vet recommended Comfort Kennel Pet Care and they were fabulous. We felt totally comfortable with Karen caring for our dogs. We will be using them again.

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