Current Pricing and Services

Our current pricing is as follows;

Dogs……… $23.00 per day per dog. It is a per dog charge because each dog requires individual care. I happily can accommodate two to three pets per kennel enclosure. Interior run sizes are 4′ by 6′. However, if your dogs are larger I recommend adding the yard to allow more outside roaming space. Exterior runs are 6′ by 8’…the most commonly used yard attached right to your pets run is 8′ by 30′. This area allows your pet(s) plenty of free space. There is an additional charge of $5.00 per day per dog. Please bring bedding from home. I discourage LARGE dog beds because they cannot be easily laundered, however several blankets or (small) comforters are wonderful. Toys and chewies your pet is accustomed to receiving.

Cats……… $14.00 per day per cat. Each cat gets their own “kitty condo”. 2 and 3 tiers as are available. Fresh litter daily, always fresh water and feeding as per instructions. Bedding, treats, and toys are encouraged.

Medications……there is a fee of $1.00 per application of each medication. It’s important your pet stay on track with all medications.

Special diets (and General feeding)…..are not a problem. I just ask that the instruction sheet be clear for more difficult combinations with actual measurements included. Pre-bagging feeds with your pets name help to make sure your little guys/gals get the correct amounts and combinations. All foods should come in solid packaging (metal or plastic container, solid bags), with your pets name, instructions and needs clearly labeled.

Limiting the amount of food to the number of days plus a few (just in case weather changes or vacation extensions happen 🙂 ) will assist with storage limitations.

Grooming…..YES! I do groom if requested! It’s so nice to pick your little ones up fresh and clean. As for the not so neat pets, I reserve the right to determine if a bath is necessary! There are additional charges for this services depending upon the size, coat and extent of time needed. Please ask for a quote based upon your individual pets needs. Basic baths start at $30.00.