Current Pricing and Services

Our current pricing is as follows;

Dogs……… $20.00 per day per dog. Second pet in same enclosure is half-price per day.

Cats……… $14.00 per day per cat. Second kitty is half-price. 

                    Each cat or family gets their own “kitty condo.”  

We have 2 and 3 tier condos with a window-view of the farm.  Condos are cleaned and litter is refreshed regularly.   Fresh, clean water is always available.  Your instructions for feeding will be followed.  We suggest you bring toys, treats and bedding familiar to your kitty or kitty family.

Medications……there is a fee of $1.00 per application of each medication. It’s important your pet stay on track with all medications.

Food ………. Your food or special diet instructions are suggested.  Changing diets can cause digestive upset. 

                    Your food – you should bring enough to cover the number of meals per day your pet normally consumes.  Add extra in the event your plans change or there is an unexpected emergency.   Please provide feeding instructions with each type of food or treat you provide. 

  ** Commit to numerous stays over the course of a year and we will keep your food stocked here for your pet at no additional cost to you.

                       Our food  –  we feed Inukshuk, a high-performance food that is 32% protein.  We are happy to provide this, should you choose it.  Due to the cost and special shipping from Canada, we do charge an additional $2 per day for this food.


Bath/Brush …….  $25.00 per basic bath. 

                      **  Like our human-children, our fur-kids sometimes manage to need extra baths due to their activities.  We may need to give a bath before departure, even though you have not requested it.  There is a charge for that depending on the size, breed, and time needed to get them squeaky clean for your reunion.