For booking arrangements…please call 585-937-6238!

Or by email…

All calls are forwarded to my cell, but there will be times when I cannot pick up, please leave as detailed a message as possible…dates you would like to book, name(first and last) and a return number. If a return call has not been received within 24 hours I would encourage another attempt as there are times when messages cannot be clearly understood…technology at it’s finest!

I also recommend that as soon as you know your vacation or travel plans, BOOK EARLY! I make every attempt to find a comfy spot for everyone but there are times when I just can’t squeeze another reservation in! Special arrangements are available for the Darien Lake campers and the Darien Lake Amusement Park visitors!

Our business hours are Monday through Saturday. Open at 10:00 am, closing at 7:00 pm. All grooming by appointment only. All drop offs and pick ups ARE SCHEDULED. Safety is of the utmost importance. To reduce stress on each guest, scheduling an incoming time or a pick up time that is just for you and your pet allows for positive attention!


Sundays I am closed…that is family day! Your pets are still well attended to as a first priority!